Scallop a Florida Favorite.

Florida bay scallop’s are a great summer past time in the panhandle. A swimming shelled mussel from the salt water in the Gulf of Mexico. Chased across the grasses on the flat’s and through through the water by kid’s , family’s , young and old. From Tampa bay to Texas in the Gulf of Mexico the craze of summer is chasing scallops. Scalloping is only part of the ritual for summer fun in the sun. Water melons on ice hot dogs on the grill and a stop on Grassy key off Keaton beach. This will set things right with the kids an family after limiting out on scallop. Food,fun and friends gathered at this favorite swimming hole create a festive mode for all.

Keaton Beach Florida

Keaton beach fl is a small hidden town in upper Florida on the west coast. A slow pace in a old southern tradition style this is the way old Florida use to be. You will find many small towns up and down Florida’s coast such as Horseshoe beach and Steinhatchee to the south of Keaton beach. When you find one of these small town’s you can relax and find what the locales do for fun. then join in for southern fun.